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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Why I'm Standing for TUSC - Les Woodward

Les Woodward is standing as a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for Gowerton Ward in the May 2012 Swansea council elections. Les is the national trade union convener for Remploy and a Socialist Party member.

I have always lived in Gowerton and over the 58 years of my life I have seen many changes in the village, some for the better, some for the worse. But the people of Gowerton are set just like the rest of the population of the UK to face the most vindictive attack on their livelihoods, their services, and their community, for generations, arguably since the start of the industrial revolution.

As the Government made up of millionaires and bankers friends bail out their comrades in the European Central Bank through the IMF by lending Billions of pounds, the austerity measures imposed on the working class who make up 99% of the population will be made to pay and pay dearly, for the greed of the bankers who caused the crisis in the beginning.

I believe that this is wrong! What I also believe is totally wrong, is the fact that the 1% of the population who are made up of some of the richest people on the planet are getting richer by the day because of this crisis and the way Osborne and his Eton toff pals are running the country.

There is an alternative to the cuts agenda and the austerity programme that is in place and it is quite simple, close every loophole for individuals to avoid paying tax, vigorously chase down anyone who evades paying tax, change the laws so that Companies such as Amazon pay they correct amount of tax in the UK which they avoid at the moment by being registered in Switzerland and tax the rich who can afford it, at a more realistic level.

If elected I will pledge my heart and soul to fight against all cuts in public spending in Swansea. I will argue for the Council to set a needs budget on behalf of the people of Swansea and argue that any shortfall must be paid for through the coffers of Central Government. The good people of Gowerton and Swansea must not be penalised with loss of jobs and services in order to pay for the miss management of the financial institutes and the greed of the bankers.



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