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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That would be TUSC then?

Dave Prentis has hailed the launch of UNISON's election advertising this week. Apparently my union is calling for members and the public to back "the party that cares about public services". Has Dave Prentis, and UNISON's leadership, seen the light and decided to back the only platform in these elections campaigning against all cuts to public services? No - he still means Labour - the party that cares so much about public services that they will not commit to reversing any Con-Dem cuts!

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition cares about public services and we guarantee that whatever our results on May 3 we will continue to build in our unions, workplaces, colleges and communities a campaign to defend all our cherished public services.

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  1. Labour Council seem just as keen to make cuts as Tory ones. Oh sorry, they're not 'keen'... they're making 'painful decisions' and 'hard choices'. Still comes down to cuts though. Just read in today's Independent about how cuts to social care budgets are depriving old and vulnerable people of the care and support they need to maintain dignity and even a basic quality of life.(Also means cuts to Unison members' jobs, Mr Prentis). Who's experiencing the hardship and pain then, not the Labour Councillors, that's for sure.

    Kate Jones (Usdaw, former Unison member)


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