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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Double Dip - double the reasons to fightback with TUSC

So the UK's officially back in recession - the dreaded double-dip that all the so-called experts were predicting we'd avoid. Workers don't need official statistics to tell us the economy's in a mess. We see it in every pay slip - frozen pay levels and increased pension contributions (for those lucky enough to have a pension). We see it in the bill every time we buy a week's groceries or top up the car. While government ministers and financial experts have been queueing up to tell us that things are beginning to improve, the rest of us suffer and try to make ends meet in austerity Britain.

The Government of Wales have dusted off their "cuts are too fast, too deep" routine, with Labour First Minister, Carwyn Jones proclaiming this mantra at every available opportunity. But he has no real alternative to offer - a precipitous collapse back into recession under the Tories or a prolonged slide into stagnation under Labour. Either way promises a grim future for working class communities in Wales. Cuts equal misery and further economic problems - end of!

For a genuine alternative to the double-headed support of Tories and Labour for the failing market and cuts, vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition on May 3 and come along to one of our public meetings this week.

Thursday: 7.30pm @ Dyfatty Community Centre
Friday: 7.30 @ United Reform Church, Sterry Road, Gowerton

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