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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cuts increase inequality - official!

As councils lay off staff around the country, an inevitable consequence of passing on Tory cuts, evidence is emerging to back up what trade unionists had always expected - that's while cuts, while being disaster for working class communities as a whole, are ruinous for some sections. The GMB union has published a report which shows that 62% of those being made sacked by councils in Wales are women.

Read further details yourself: http://union-news.co.uk/2012/03/women-make-up-75-of-council-job-losses-gmb/

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  1. While local authorities are making cuts, their workers are being told they need to negotiate more hours from their employers. At least, that's the effect of the cuts in tax credits - my neighbour, a woman in her 50s who works as a school 'dinnerlady' and kitchen assistant, has just heard she has lost all her tax credits. There's no chance of her getting more hours, and her chances of finding a second job are near zero. She told me she now can't pay her rent.

    There are many, many low-paid workers in her situation working for Councils which are are carrying out the Government's cuts... we really need councillors opposed to ALL cuts in jobs and services - vote TUSC!


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