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Friday, 29 May 2015

FIFA and the once beautiful game

FIFA has become a byword for corruption; today the sole remaining Brazilian delegate to it's World Congress appears to fled Geneva, to escape arrest like his colleague who has been picked up already in the current corruption scandal. Despite this Sepp Blatter, who has presided over all the scandals, will probably win the election for FIFA President today, against the only other contender, a Jordanian prince.

Politicians in the UK, delighted to have found a body dirtier and more corrupt than themselves, have been quick to point the finger at FIFA and demand it clean up its act. From Cameron to Carwyn they have been jumping on this particular bandwagon.

The taint of corruption has been too much for even the giant multinationals who sponsor FIFA and the World Cup; one or two have ended their sponsorship while others have issued demands that FIFA clean up its act. Considering this includes the likes of Coca Cola, no strangers to bad publicity over political corruption themselves, indicates just how toxic being associated with FIFA has potentially become.

Behind the public show of outrage though is a glossing over of the real scandal, the human cost of FIFA's dodgy deals. At least 1,200 foreign construction workers have died building the stadiums that will house the Qatar World Cup.

The World Cup offers such a marketing opportunity for these global brands that the majority of them will simply issue a few bland statements calling on FIFA to reform, before continuing with business as usual.

If you've any doubts about this, check out the link below:
Fifa scandal: the sponsors respond - YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nCc_raw8cgI

Football is big business. Reclaim the game!

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