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Friday, 13 March 2015

Rejecting the political gravy train

There's been fresh revelations of politicians for hire and news that, here in Wales, Assembly Members are to get a £10,000 pay rise recently.

It's a good time then to repeat that representing working class people isn't  about personal gain for me.

Like all Socialist Party members, I'm committed to the principle of all elected representatives, be they MPs, AMs or trade union officials, being a workers' representative on a worker's wage.

In the event of being elected in May, I wouldn't take a penny more in salary than my current wage as an education worker in a college. That would mean not taking well over half the salary of an MP, donating the rest to trade unionists and campaigners fighting cuts and austerity.

It's not an idle boast, current Chair of TUSC, Dave Nellist, was for years a workers' MP on a worker's wage, before Labour decided there was no place for socialist principles in their party.

Here's an article from the Socialist on corrupt politicians and the need for workers' MPs on workers' wages, written by Claire, Swansea Socialist Party branch secretary.


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