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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Sequel: Unsustainable Cuts II. Swansea's Labour Council comes back for more!

Today I received an e-mail from the Council. It invited me to take part in helping Swansea's Labour councillors decide whose jobs and services to axe next.

Anybody who hoped that after Labour’s cabinet coup there would be an end to doublespeak about improving services through cuts will be disappointed because we are being invited to,
“have your say about the council's plans to create smarter, leaner and more efficient services in the years ahead”
The Council presumably had my e-mail address because I responded online to their ‘Sustainable Swansea’ consultation last year, demanding that the Labour Council refuse to implement Con-Dem cuts. Ignoring what I wrote, the e-mail thanked me for helping to slash millions of pounds from services in Swansea:
“With your help last year we were able to identify millions of pounds of savings and begin to change so that our services can be sustainable in the years ahead.”
If Labour councillors are going to vote through destructive cuts to services then they shouldn’t try to make the rest of us collaborators in their betrayal. You will never get my help in making cuts to jobs and services. TUSC supporters will fight every cut.
Those cuts were so successful in making services sustainable that they’ve come back for much, much more! A throwaway comment at the end of the e-mail informs us how much Labour councillors intend to slash from services,
“The challenge is even greater than last year because the savings target has risen from £45m to at least £70m in the next few years.”
That’s not a challenge; that a disaster! It’s a disaster that spells destruction for council services and council workers and devastation for the local economy.
If you’ve had enough of being made to pay for a crisis that we didn’t cause, while the rich get richer then..
Vote Ronnie Job, TUSC Against Cuts, today in Uplands Ward today (November 20) and..
Join with us in building the Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) as the socialist, no-cuts alternative for the general election and beyond.

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