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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Building a socialist no-cuts alternative

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I see Nigel Farage is charging £25/head for people to meet and talk with him next month in Port Talbot. You couldn't pay me enough to talk with that privileged, Thatcherite phoney. UKIP pose as anti-establishment but like ex stock broker, Farage, it's all an act. He's no man of the people, no matter how many pints or bacon butties he poses with for the cameras.

For £25 this weekend it's possible to meet and discuss with genuine, working class, anti-cuts fighters who're overcoming all odds to defeat the establishment, at the Socialist Party's annual education event, Socialism. 

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate, Ronnie Job, and fellow  TUSC supporters have been out campaigning on a Saturday around Uplands Shops but this weekend we'll be attending Socialism 2014.

There we'll get to hear and learn from co-thinkers around the world, like Kshama Sawant, who's election as a council member in Seattle with well over 90,000 votes, was pivotal in winning a $15 an hour minimum wage in Seattle.

Other socialist elected representatives speaking will include Ruth Coppinger TD (MP) who, following the recent election of Paul Murphy, is now one of three TDs in Dublin who are members of the Socialist Party in Ireland.

Around the world mainstream parties are disintegrating. People are crying out for an alternative and where socialists have been able to challenge with a clear anti-cuts platform they've had some spectacular successes.

That is what we are building towards with TUSC. There are already a handful of TUSC councillors, committed to voting and fighting all cuts. To date, they're disillusioned former Labour Party members unwilling to vote for Labour cuts and driven out of their own party. In May of next year, TUSC aims to stand a 1,000 council candidates in England (there are no elections in Wales) and contest 100 MPs positions.

The Uplands by-election is a small part in building TUSC as a real socialist alternative, based on basic trade union principles of struggle, solidarity and socialism. If you live in Uplands, vote Ronnie Job, TUSC Against Cuts on November 20. Wherever you live, consider how you could help to ensure that there is socialist, no-cuts, TUSC candidate to vote for in the General Election in May.

Uplands shoppers - we'll see you again on the 15th for the final weekend of campaigning before the by-election.

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