Swansea needs councillors who vote against cuts! No to austerity - vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Don’t waste the opportunity to send a clear ‘no more cuts’ message by voting for Ronnie Job, TUSC: the only no-cuts, socialist candidate in Swansea West in the 2015 General Election!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Remember to vote TUSC today

Thank you to everybody who has worked hard in the last few weeks to build support for TUSC. Hopefully our vote in Swansea will reflect the work we've done but regardless of the result tonight, our work has helped in further establishing the reputation of TUSC as the alternative to the cuts consensus of all the main parties.

The work of TUSC in Swansea doesn't stop today. This campaign has made clear the need for a new workers' party, based on the trade unions and opposing all cuts. That also means supporting all trade unionists fighting back against the cuts. If you're voting TUSC today in Swansea then please make every effort to support the strike next Thursday, May 10, by visiting picket lines or attending the rally in Castle Square at 12:30pm. Please also continue to support the fight of Remplo workers to save their factories.

TUSC is backed officially by one major union - RMT - and has personal support from 3 union general secretaries - RMT, FBU and POA. More importantly, TUSC is backed by leading activists in many trade unions at national and local levels.

In South Wales, TUSC candidates, standing in a personal capacity, include a UNITE electrician, involved in the rank and file movement that thwarted attempts to undermine national terms and conditions, a GMB shop steward, Les Woodward, who is also the national trade union convenor for Remploy, PCS and UNISON activists, the secretary of Swansea Trades Council and many more.

If, as is fairly likely, Labour wins control of Swansea and begins to implement cuts, more and more trade unionists and working class people will draw the same conclusion - that we need a party committed to fighting all cuts. As this idea gains ground we need to make sure that TUSC challenges for more seats at future elections of all kinds, to offer more people the chance to vote for a genuine alternative.

Thank you once again and don't forget to vote today for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

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