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Saturday, 14 April 2012

If she could have found more paid work she'd have done so before!

This was sent to us by a TUSC supporter in Wales:
"Just talking to one of my neighbours, who has lost a lot of her income as a result of tax credit changes. She works as a school 'dinner lady' and kitchen assistant, term-time only (Unison member). In a small village, very limited public transport and no car, how's she supposed to find those extra hours? If she could have found more paid work she'd have done so before!"
This is the reality for millions of workers who have now been disenfranchised from tax credits. And with over 2 and a half million people officially jobless and firms being offered all the unpaid slave labour they want through workfare, where are part time workers supposed to get he extra hours from? The Mirror reported this week that:
"...just 52% of 112,000 vacancies advertised in JobCentres guarantee enough hours to meet the new limit." full article: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/only-half-of-available-jobs-offer-785573
This is the reality of austerity Britain. If you want real change vote vote, campaign for and join with Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates.

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