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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rich tax dodgers at it again!

Anyone driving in to Swansea from the East, along Fabian Way, can't miss the huge Amazon warehouse. Today Amazon has been named by the Guardian as the latest in a long line of tax dodgers by the Guardian. Despite making £3.3bn of sales in the UK last year and between £7.6bn and £10.3bn over the last 3 years, Amazon UK doesn't pay a penny of UK Corporation Tax because it is registered in Switzerland.

One more example of the £120bn+ that goes uncollected in tax from corporations and the super-rich and more proof that there is enormous wealth in our society and far from being "all in it together" the pwerful and wealthy continue to rake it in at our expense. So why should working class people pay for a crisis that was not of our making? TUSC say no to all cuts. Vote TUSC on May 3rd!

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