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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Benefits Fraud... by greedy corporations.

A Tory newspaper publishes a story about benefit fraud. Nothing new there! Only this time, the story in today's Telegraph is about the private firms that have muscled in on back-to-work welfare services, sensing easy profits.

A4e, the company that was awarded £440 million of government contracts to help get unemployed people into work and whose then chairman, Emma Harrison, was picked by the Tories as "Families Champion", after the Department of Work and Pensions had already found out about suspected fraud allegations, has made all the headlines after the arrest of several of its staff. However this just seems to be the tip of the iceberg - it now seems that over 100 allegations of fraud have been made agianst other firms, besides A4e, in what is obviously a very profitable business.

While politicians try to score cheap points off one another as to who knew what, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition supporters will ask the obvious question - why not simply give the work to the best people for the job - government-employed civil servants? All planned further privatisations should be immediately halted and those that have already taken place should be reversed. End the profiteering on the backs of the unemployed.

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