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Monday, 26 March 2012

TUSC candidates - the best money can't buy!

The Tories' defence against revelations that their (now former) fund raising organiser had been selling access to the Prime Minister is that all parties do it. They accuse Labour of being in the pay of the unions.

The unions have not bought much influence with the £millions of our subs that they give to Labour each year. After 13 years of Labour government we still have the most anti-union laws in the western world.

The unions set up the Labour Party because the bosses had 2 parties and workers none. Now with Labour's abandonment of socialism, the bosses have 3 and we need a new mass workers' party.

In the meantime, unions need to stop squandering our subs on a party that backs cuts and instead fund genuine anti cuts candidates who will represent trade unionists and the working class in general.

If you agree then ask your friends in your union, in your workplace and in your community, to back Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates on May 3, in the council elections - the best candidates money can't buy.

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