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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fight for all pensions

Today's a big day in the fight for pensions, public and private.

By now Visteon pensioners from Swansea will be on their way to London to meet with their comrades from the other former plants. They are petitioning Downing Street to demand support in their battle for pension justice and to make Fords recognise its responsibilities to them.

Also in London today, teachers' union, NUT and lecturers' union, UCU, will be taking combined strike action. This will hopefully be a step towards further co-ordinated action on pensions across the entire public sector as early as next month because it is a fight that can be won.

All the time we must remember that we fight for all pensions - public sector, private sector and the state pension.

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  1. "Wales Tonight" is reporting a survey that suggests the average pensioner in Wales has a personal debt of nearly £14,000. How much worse will that get if the government gets away with implementing regional pay and stealing public sector pensions on top of raising the state retirement age?


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